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[IMPORTANT NOTICE] Beware of Scam Account Impersonating “ROAD59”


We have recently become aware of a scam account impersonating the “ROAD59” Official Account on Instagram.


This scam account imitates the username, icon, and text of our Official Account, but is not associated with “ROAD59” or Bushiroad Inc. in any way.


The scam account’s ID is as follows:


(there is a period after the 59)


Clicking on the link sent via Direct Messages by this scam account may result in leakage of personal information. If you receive a suspicious Direct Message, do not click on the URL in the message. Make sure to delete the Direct Message, and block the scam account.


Even if you have not received a Direct Message, please make sure not to follow the scam account.


We have notified Instagram of the scam and impersonation by said account.


The Official “ROAD59” Accounts run by Bushiroad Inc. are listed below:


Instagram @road59_official
Twitter @ROAD_59
YouTube ROAD59 Channel